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Living in Arizona Improves Health Conditions Like Osteoporosis

Every year, thousands of people move to the beautiful state of Arizona. The Phoenix economy is growing and hundreds of new and expanding businesses are popping up, taking advantage of premier real estate. As opportunities arise, more and more people are moving with their companies or applying for new positions. The interest is real, even […]


There Are Alternatives to a Hysterectomy with UFE

When it comes to medical solutions, most patients have been led to believe certain procedures are their only option. In today’s digital world, tons of information has been made available for the general public to sift through on their own. It’s been enlightening and empowering to those that have never truly experienced choice care before. […]

Ambulatory Phlebectomy Peoria, AZ

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

It’s usually preferable to treat varicose veins with radiofrequency ablation, if possible. Foam sclerotherapy is also effective, but it can have size limitations. So, if the varicose vein is relatively close to the surface skin and can’t be treated with these other options, Dr. Rami may opt for microphlebectomy. If you know a friend who […]

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How We Help Vein + Vascular Patients IN Phoenix When it comes to the health of your vascular system, what’s 27 minutes? That’s all the time it takes to get to Desert Vein and Vascular from Phoenix. Dr. Rami has been practicing in the area for 15 years. He has extensive experience in the treatment […]

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